Thursday, November 9, 2017


World Series champions

The Astros won the World Series! But you already knew that. That was the best series ever (a totally non-biased opinion). So many ups and downs. One aspect of the game that I like is that it's not over until it's truly over. Two outs and two strikes in an inning... it's not over. Down a few runs in the 9th inning... it's not over. It's really nerve-wracking... but that's what made it great. But the best part, the whole family really got into it.


Go Astros!

The boys never showed much interest in baseball (unlike soccer) but watching the Astros in the playoffs sparked their interested. They wanted to hit balls. They started to play catch. They played makeshift games with neighborhood kids and at school during recess. Andrew said he made a bat out of a couple of plastic water bottles. Then he upgraded and made one from a stiff mailing tube. After that got destroyed, I convinced him to bring our Little Tikes plastic bat (since according to him, he's not allowed to bring a real bat). His buddies at school were super excited when they saw the plastic yellow bat but he was right, even that wasn't allowed. Lame. I love his ingenuity and perseverance though.

Tyson with said Little Tikes bat. The jumbo plastic red bat that Elliot has is more "deadly" though.

Andrew's cardboard bat didn't survive.

The bat that he really wants. He's not looking happy because I said no.

Finally, a sport I can get into. I grew up watching and playing baseball (albeit poorly). I got them interested in baseball cards just as I had collected when I was their age. Their interest in baseball is at an all time high but hopefully it won't dwindle down since baseball won't start again until the spring.

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