Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Utility player

Andrew joining his brothers.

According to Wikipedia, a utility player is "one who can play several positions competently." This is true of Andrew. In soccer, he can play any position on the field (which can't be said of many of his teammates but I'm not going to rant). But what makes him the ultimate utility player is his ability to play whatever, whenever.

Ready to send the ball into the outfield.

Tyson's baseball team didn't have a full roster so they asked if Andrew wanted to join. Granted, he's a bit too old since that league was for 7-10 year-old kids (he turned 11 a few months ago) but the director had no problem with it since he had no prior experience (unless you count T-ball from 4+ years ago). And well, I'm impressed. Getting base hits. Catching fly balls. Selfishly, I wish he had chosen to stay with baseball as opposed to going with soccer. But that boy loves kicking a ball.

Smallest guy playing goalie in a land of giants.

So when Jacob's soccer team was short on players, Andrew was there to fill in. In this situation, he's the smallest person on the field. He's playing with junior high and high school kids (U15). But he's fine. In fact, he's better than most of these kids since it's a recreational league. Now if only he could put that same amount of energy/effort to keeping clean and organized. 😑

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