Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Surprise (early) birthday celebration

Last weekend we surprised Tyson with an early birthday celebration. For one, we're going to be traveling back to back so just in case we're too busy to plan anything, at least we can say we did this for him. Two, his birthday is forever close to mine (two days after) so this spreads out the birthday celebrations. Three, I was going to give him a laptop for his birthday but wanted him to have it now so that can he make use of it during our trip. And Andrew saw right through me. Right after Tyson unwrapped the laptop, Andrew says, "Ohhhhh. Now I know why we're celebrating his birthday early." Obviously, I had to lie and told him he was wrong.

Morning birthday donuts for those that are awake.

Watching Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Center Court Pizza for his birthday lunch.

This avid gamer can now play on his very own laptop.

But then I got this note the very next day... Oh, Tyson.

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