Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Avengers assemble (again)!

With The Avengers: Endgame being one of the biggest movie of the year, we decided to dress up as The Avengers once again. We made sure not to repeat any characters from when we dressed up as the original Avengers seven years ago.

I was Iron Man with the Infinity Stones. Lynn was Pepper Potts in the Rescue suit/armor. Elliot was Captain Marvel. Andrew was Ant-Man. Tyson was Spider-Man. Jacob was Black Panther.

Just the little ones tonight...


Jacob was buried in homework and Andrew was recovering from a cold so it was only Tyson and Elliot trick-or-treating this year. That worked itself out because I was thinking after the fact, how old is too old to go?

Our pumpkins: sloth (Andrew), zergling (Tyson), unicorn (Elliot/Lynn), orange president (me), My Little Pony (Elliot/Lynn), Liverpool FC (Jacob)

Kids eat free at Jimmy Changas so obviously we had to go.

Our waiter was Moana so Elliot wanted to get a picture with one of her favorite characters.

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