Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Fitness journey and 2019 recap

Back in college (when I thought I knew everything), I was pretty sure of what exercise and fitness should look like. I would run an arbitrary number of laps around Gregory Gym. I would do bicep curls with one 10 pound dumbbell (because that's all I had). I would frequently do sessions of 8 minute abs because I wanted six pack abs. 😑

Looking back at it all, I was so clueless! Just to quickly address my idiocy: you should run with purpose (your why), you should never do bicep curls (waste of time), and diet is the key to six pack abs (not a stupid 8 minute routine).

Baby Jacob (2006) and baby Andrew (2007).

Many years later, I was motivated to lose weight before the arrival of baby Tyson (2011) since I didn't want to see my puffy face whenever we look back at old baby pictures. Ugh. But again, I did it all wrong. I did lose the weight but ended up skinny fat, if that makes sense. My face slimmed down a bit and my arms looked skinny but I still had a belly. It didn't look healthy. I wasn't fit.

Baby Tyson is here (2011).

Once I reached my goal weight (which shouldn't be your ultimate goal), I lost motivation. That's when I decided to start the 12x12 fitness challenge in 2014, to motivate others (and myself) to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After only four years, the challenge ended (too tedious) but I continued exercising and have never looked back. With the exception of Feb 2018 (due to injury), I've done at least 12 activities every month since its inception. That's five years of continuous exercise. It shouldn't be a temporary thing you do to try to look good for that summer beach trip or to fit into that suit/dress for an upcoming wedding. It should be forever. It should be part of your lifestyle.

Baby Elliot (2015). Looking and feeling more healthy.

Unless I'm sick or injured, I get irritable if I don't do some sort of activity. It doesn't have to be strenuous. A quick walk outside around the neighborhood would suffice. Anything. And that's what a lot of people don't realize... just do something. If it sucks, maybe you're doing it wrong (too hard or too fast). If you don't like what you're doing it, do something else. Training and exercise should be addictive. Like I tell the kids (and I know it's terrible English)...

Don't do nothing.

2019 was my best fitness year to date. That's primarily due to the marathon training on top of training BJJ. I actually sacrificed strength training since there was not enough time in the day (full time job and four busy kids). When people say they don't have enough time to exercise, I just roll my eyes. You can find time if you make it a priority. So please, don't make that lame excuse. But I digress, this past year I did some sort of physical activity 289 times in 365 days. That averages to 24 days a month.

Before marathon training, I never ran. I hated running. But I was doing it all wrong. As simple as it sounds, there's actually proper technique to running. And different training methods to make running more doable and sustainable. I never ran this much ever. Once I put out a challenge to the 12x12 group to walk/run 50 miles in one month. I remember how out of reach that seemed. Like OMG I'll never make it. But I made it (barely). Fast forward to 2019 and I ran 171 miles in December. As cliche as it sounds, never say never. You'd be surprised of what you're actually capable of. The results won't come overnight. You have to put in the work. But you'll get there if you keep at it. Grit. Consistency is the key.

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