Tuesday, January 7, 2020


I ❤ Colorado (Boulder, CO)

During the winter break, we made a trip to Colorado once again, making it the third time in one year (Leadville and Breckenridge being the previous two) and the fifth time since 2018. Yeah... if we're ever going to move, it's going to be to Colorado. This trip was essentially to research our future move to the Centennial State... but which city? On this trip, we stayed in Boulder, a town about 40 minutes northwest of Denver.

A pit stop at Common Grounds to load up on caffeine (Waco, TX).

The view driving from Denver into Boulder.

Burgers and beer at Mountain Sun Brewery.

Loading up on groceries with a small and an extra small cart (Trader Joe's).

Kids playing tackle football in the snow.

Our mini snowman.

Small meatballs and the world's tiniest "shareable" lasagna (Pizzeria Locale). 

At least their pizzas were legit.

Hike around The Flatirons.

Obligatory family picture with the awesome scenery. 

8+ mile run along Boulder Creek (before stuffing my face that night).

New Year's Eve dinner at Steuben's.

Elliot's kid meal.

Pot roast and Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

A strenuous hike to the summit of Mount Sanitas.

Scenic outlook (somewhere in Colorado).

Fueled by a quad shot breve for the long drive home (Amarillo, TX).

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