Tuesday, June 16, 2020


This week...10+ years ago

Since there's not much going on right now (pandemic yet to be over), I thought I'd reminisce. The Google Photos app has a feature called Memories that shows highlights from the same week, x years ago.

Below are pictures taken in June, starting in 2010 (before this blog started) and beyond.

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

The two boys bowling at the Pearland Bowling Center (which no longer exists). (2010)

The two boys cooling off at Discover Green after attending an Astros game. Also happen to run into Donson and Thu. (2009)

Jacob swimming in the pool at my parents' old house. It's a shame they decided to move. (2008)

Watching the Spazmatics live. Terrible picture taken with a cell phone. Oh how technology has advanced since then. (2007)

Jacob, our first born, only 4 months old. (2006)

Lynn and I, before kids. I'm so faded I could barely keep my eyes open. (2005)

On a cruise with the family. Won $500 playing a blackjack tournament. (2004)

And I'll stop it there. Anything prior to June 2004 were my college years and there's nothing to see then. 😅

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