Monday, May 31, 2021


Memorial Day weekend

The kids are officially done with school.

Jacob finished 9th grade with all A's except for one B (87) in AP Physics (a class usually taken in 11th grade). As long as he passed the AP test and get college credit, I don't really care about the grade.

Andrew finished 7th grade with all A's. His soccer team won their district division and he was announced the team's MVP.

Tyson finished 4th grade with all A's. He was awarded the Citizenship Award for his class.

On Friday night, there was a graduation party for two of Lynn's cousins (Brian from college and San from high school). 

As for the rest of the weekend, it was pretty chill.

Tyson and his Citizenship Award medal.

Andrew with his soccer team (the ones that decided to show up on the last day of school).

Congrats to Brian!

Congrats to San!

Party time.

Hanging out at Town Center after eating pizza (Russo's).

Now there's a Beard Papa less than a mile from our house.

Smoked a brisket.

Took Jacob out driving for the first time. 😬

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