Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Mother's Day/Soccer weekend (Temple, TX)

What a busy weekend. Where do I begin? So the big boys were scheduled to play in the South Texas Cup state finals last week but it got postponed (due to weather) to Mother's Day weekend. We were hesitant at first since we already had plans. But we didn't want to be the reason the team forfeits either. After much debate, we were in. 

There were limited vacancies in Temple, TX. Being such short notice (and something was definitely going on that weekend), it was hard to find a place to stay. I went from booking at TownePlace Suites for the previous weekend to staying at Motel 6 (ewww). It's a good thing my sister-in-law agreed to take in the two little ones for the weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke up and pulled back the curtains to let in the light... only to see a big fat shirtless guy sitting outside, right in our view. I subsequently closed back the curtains. 😑

2006 Boys Pearland Soccer.

The first team they played against were older kids (15-16 year-olds). Andrew is just 13 years old.  They held their own but lost 1-3.

Game 1

The second team was actually in their same age group and the boys crushed them 7-1.

Game 2

Saturday night the team hung out of Spare Time Texas, which had everything. Arcade, laser tag, bowling, go karts, batting cages, and of course, food and drinks.

Kids bowling... messing around and having fun.

Wearing an orange wristband after I got carded for my drink. Grateful for my good genetics.

Sunday morning their game was scheduled at 9:30 am but after lightning in the area, it got pushed back to 11:30 am. Ugh, but we had lunch plans with family for Mother's Day. The game takes about 2 hours to play and add another 3 hour drive back, we wouldn't have been able to make it. But after much discussion and help from another soccer family, we left the big boys with the team and headed back home. 

I never thought I'd ever wear a "soccer dad" shirt. Then again, I said I'd never get a minivan either.

The entire soccer team and family.

The boys lost their final game (against older kids, again) and placed third in the state finals. They played really well given the circumstances.

The exhausted boys on their way home.

Lynn and I drove straight from Temple to her aunt's house to celebrate Mother's Day with the family. 

The kids swam...

And ate cake.

The big boys came home shortly before we did and together, we celebrated Mother's Day for Lynn.

More cake but I couldn't decide on a single flavor... so I got multiple cake slices.

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