Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Campus tour (Austin, TX)

My friend John wanted to take his nephew (high school student) to the University of Texas for a campus tour and invited Jacob and I to come along. We've been on campus a few times when the kids were smaller (they don't remember much) so it was good exposure now that he's only a few years away from college. The timing of our visit was good since class was still in session so the high school boys got a glimpse of life on campus.

But man, the campus has changed so much since the time I attended classes there... 20+ years ago. New buildings. Old buildings newly renovated. Walking around UT made me want to go back to school. Well... hmmm... nevermind... I don't like school, studying, exams, and sleepless nights... but the atmosphere is really nice.

Talking with an admissions counselor.

How well do you know UT?

Exploring the new engineering building.

In front of the main building.

Lunch at Madam Mam's.

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