Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving Day. Lunch (and dinner) at grandma's.

In my opinion, the sides are better than the turkey... and there were plenty to choose from.

The kids table.

And more "kids" tables. The adults had their own table (not pictured).

My lunch plate.

My dessert plate.

Burning off our food with some ultimate frisbee.

Friday morning Christmas tree shopping.

Saturday morning run to make up for missing the (rainy) Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.

Refueling with pho after our run.

My first time smoking a turkey for our family Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.

My dad will forever be the one craving the turkey.

The kids table. Bummed that I forgot the take a picture of the adults. It was a full house this year.

My dinner plate. (Note: my smoked turkey tasted like ham)

Andrew had to lose his pants for knocking over the Jenga tower. 

And Tyson gladly wore them.

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