Tuesday, March 15, 2022


Elliot and Kindergarten

Elliot's Kindergarten teacher wrote us an email in early February:

Hi! I haven't really reached out to you guys in a while to tell you about Elliot. She is doing so well in school! I assessed her today in reading and she is currently at a 6 which is awesome because on grade level right now is a 2. Last time I assessed her she was struggling with phoneme segmentation but she's completely got it now! She's breaking up words into their individual sounds so well which is contributing to her writing. She's also doing so well in that too! I feel like she has more confidence in it now. Before she never wanted to try spelling a word on her own. She always wanted to check with me first to make sure she was spelling it correctly. Now she's sounding it out and doing it on her own. It's not always 100% correct but it's phonemically written so I can see what she's trying to write and that is really awesome for a Kindergartener! Writing is one of the last skills to develop and she's already ahead of where she needs to be! 

She's also a rockstar in math. She's able to count to 100 and probably even further. She can count on meaning starting at a number other than 1. She can count down from 20. She can count by 5s and 10s. She's able to represent all numbers 1-20 with counters. Her composing and decomposing is great as well! 

The other thing I've noticed is she's become so much more social! She's come out of her shell more and talks to friends more which is so good to see! She started out the year so shy. She's quickly become one of the leaders. Other students in the class look to her when they're unsure of what to do. I'm just so proud of all the progress Elliot has made! She is such a bright and adorable little girl!!! I'm so grateful she was put in my class this year!

I'm so glad she's doing well in school and actually enjoying it... because the first week of school was a struggle. 😅

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