Wednesday, January 24, 2024


15 year anniversary

Our wedding party.

Today marks our 15 year anniversary. Let's look back at that day, 15 years ago when we got married (before this blog ever existed).

I forgot that I designed the wedding program and invitations (not pictured).

Andrew was only 13 months old.

Here comes Jacob, who was almost 3 years old. Is that a Hot Wheel in his right hand?

A photo booth at our reception.

Me with my groomsmen.

Our shoes for the night.

Awww, look at Jacob. 

OMG I'm chessin' hard. And there's no way I opened that champagne bottle.

First dance. 💕

Speech time.

A toast!

Another toast!

Toast at every table!

So much laughter throughout the night.

Looks like I'm in pain.

But no, the only thing hurting might've been my face from laughing so hard.

That was the best night ever.

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