Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Houston Half Marathon III

We completed our third half marathon in as many years. At this rate, we're going for the legacy status, i.e. at least 10 completed races. Hopefully my body will be able to maintain some semblance of health.

Speaking of which, my right knee (once again) at about the 7-8 mile mark was hurting bad. It was my friend, iliotibial band syndrome

But it's not surprise. I trained even less than I did last year. First, I sustained a calf injury during Thanksgiving, which kept me out for two weeks. Then just recently I got COVID, which had me breathing hard with any activity so running was out of the question. Oh well, what can you do?

The weather was perfect for running. Temperatures in the 40-50s. Sunny. It's too bad that I couldn't capitalize on the perfect conditions. This was my slowest race to date. My full marathon pace was faster than this year's half marathon. But the goal remains the same, just finish. Until next year...

Early morning at GRB. (photo: Steve)

Freezing outside, waiting in our corral. (photo: Julie)

Almost to the finish line. (photo: Jennifer)

Everyone survived. (photo: Steve)

Screenshots of photos that I'm not willing to pay for.

My results.

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