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Grand Canyon and Sedona (AZ)

For our second getaway of the month, we headed to Arizona (a state I have yet to visit). Our first stop was to the Grand Canyon. It's never been a "must do" for me but since we were (sort of) in the area, I wanted to check it out... and to check it off the list of National Parks to visit.

After landing in Phoenix (and getting brunch at First Watch), we started our 3.5 hour drive to the Grand Canyon. The goal was to take it easy, sight see, and to avoid the gnarly trails within the canyon. Maybe we'll do those in the future... rim to rim hike anyone? 

Pictures don't do this place justice. It was huge. It seemed like we were on another planet. I was surprised by how much it amazed me since I've already seen the second largest canyon in the country, Palo Duro Canyon. I was in awe.

Saturday morning over Phoenix.

Traffic jam at the entrance of the Grand Canyon.

A view of the Grand Canyon from the south rim.

One old piece of rock.

Our next stop was Sedona, where we spent three nights. Lately, I've been hearing a lot about this place and wanted to see what the hype was all about. It was a beautiful place, very scenic. There was a lot of woo woo stuff everywhere…  a place with spiritual energy and restorative powers... vortexes and healing crystals... very interesting. 

Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Inside the chapel.

The view from atop.

Morning hike to Cathedral Rock, in search of the most powerful vortex in Sedona.


After a tough hike with some scrambling, we made it.

Enjoying the view before we head back down.

That's me at Cathedral Rock.

In search of (much needed) peace at Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park.

Buddha statue. 

Lunch with a view...

A view of Snoopy rock. Do you see it?

Tlaquepaque Village.

Some of the food we ate.

But the traffic… ugh. The one thing I despise the most is heavy traffic congestion. Gridlock. A pace so slow that it would’ve been faster if you had walked. And Sedona was just that. Or maybe because it was Presidents' Day weekend. Oh, and once you reach your destination, good luck finding a parking spot. Just keep circling and waiting and stalking in the clutter-fuck of a parking lot until you find someone leaving. It made me want to rip out my hair. 

So much for peace and tranquility.

It would've been faster to ride a bike into town.

Unbearably slow...

List of restaurants/foods (for my sake):

  • Pisa Lisa - good pizza and giant cookies
  • Butterfly Burger - good fat burgers
  • Cucina Rustica - upscale Italian eats - excellent calamari but the main dishes could've used a touch of salt
    • All three restaurants are owned and run by chef Lisa Dahl
  • Rose Vortex Coffee - decent coffee
  • Bashas' - grocery store that sold fat donuts and paczki
  • Wildflower - essentially a Panera Bread

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