Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Bye baby Ty. Hello toddler Ty.

A little before turning 13 months-old, Tyson can finally walk on his own. He's late compared to his older brothers (Andrew at 11 months and Jacob on his birthday) but no worries. So this ends a chapter in the book of baby Ty. There are no more baby milestones to document.

Oh, his first word was "Thank you." And his second word, not surprisingly, was "Mama." But everything he says has a mmmm sound like "mum-mum" (eat) or "maah" (I want), each with varying pitch and urgency. But when he calls out for his mom, it's very clear.

In summary of baby Ty: He never really drank from the bottle. He drinks his milk through a straw. It's still soy milk but his milk allergy is getting better. He never took the pacifier (it only lasted a day) which saves us the headache of weaning him off. He picks things up very quickly so don't let him see you use the water cooler or turn on the microwave because he will want to do it too... by himself. He will always want to play with his brothers but that is not always reciprocated. He's quite destructive and the boys call him Godzilla. He will laugh if you laugh, and you won't be able to stop since his laugh is contagious. It will be an endless cycle of laughter. And now he walks. Goodbye baby Ty. Hello toddler Ty.

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