Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Mother's Days

This is the only "Day" holiday that I can think of that actually lasts longer than one day. Why? Because we have so many mothers. You have your mom, your mother-in-law, grandma(s) and baby mama (hopefully you only have one).

Saturday morning was the final soccer game of the season. Jacob kept his streak alive and scored at least a goal in every game this Spring season. Andrew dominated his competition and ended the season with a bang by scoring 10 or 11 goals (I lost count) in his last game. When asked if he wanted to play next season, he answered, "No. I want to play baseball like Jacob." Soccer seems like a sport he could excel in so should I deny him of playing T-ball and push him towards soccer?


I love the kid's reaction.

One of Andrew's many goals.

After their games, I dumped the kids off with my mom and took Lynn out for Saturday brunch. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to enjoy a nice meal without your kids. Hah! I took her to Down House. This place is cool, almost too cool. It's hipster nation here. If you can get past that, the food was really good. And they serve beer and coffee... another awesome combo.

Shrimp and grits in pho broth and spicy pork hash.

Our next stop was Revival Market. We just sat outside in the Houston heat drinking some hot coffee. Just kidding, it wasn't that hot... well, not as hot as it can/will get. I love these little shops/markets for their unique and local items. We picked up some Fat Cat Creamery coffee ice cream. Support local!

My love.

That evening, I took my mom (and dad) out to eat at Pho Ben (not to be confused with the world famous Pho Binh). This is part of my long term goal of exposing my parents to new eateries and to get them out of their comfort zone. Sadly, it wasn't that adventurous since it was still Vietnamese food. :(

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with Lynn's family and they wanted to go out to eat. Ugh. I hate going out to eat with young kids, with a big group (20+) and on a day that is crazy busy for restaurants. And it was at Kim Son... home of MSG. I felt like like shit afterwards but that could have been the effects of the noise and chaos. It's probably a combination that and the unhealthy food. Why do we keep coming to this place?

Taste good now... feel like shit later.

There I go complaining again. Sorry. Besides Kim Son, this was an awesome weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. tram said... May 17, 2014 at 4:19 PM

    I love the last photo with Lynn and her boys!

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