Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend began with what else, soccer. Andrew's team did the 5v5 Memorial Day Classic (which they won last year) but came up short based on the (whack) scoring system. They went undefeated. Scored the most points. Had the biggest point differential. But yet, finished third. 🤷

Sunday was spent with the in-laws. More fun in the sun. And Monday was just grill and chill time at home with our family. It was a much needed break from the fun but exhausting weekend. 🌞

Elliot staying cool in the brutal heat.

2007 Pearland boys.

Such a travesty.


And a giant Gatorade cooler of sweet basil seed drink.

The two big boys made a cake from scratch.

Lynn made banana pudding and I made a strawberry pie.

And I impulsively bought this toddler pool for the summer. (Don't mind those nasty feet.)

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