Tuesday, May 7, 2019


The things we do for our kids

This past weekend we took the kids to the Houston Dynamo game... But I was this close (my thumb and index finger only an inch apart) to calling it off. As we were getting ready to leave, the kids were fighting... over the dumbest thing... again. It's usually between Andrew and Tyson but this time all three boys were mad at each other. And what were they fighting about? About the potential of them fighting. It began with a comment, "I can't sit next to you because we might fight."

Oh, help me. 😣

The whole point of going to the game was to enjoy each other's company, to share a memorable experience... not to start fights. I wish I had parents who took me to sporting events. Do they think I like paying $25 for parking? Or to drive in stop-and-go traffic? At times I wonder if they truly appreciate the things we do for them.

During the game, I get a drink for the kids (it was pretty hot sitting in the sun) but Elliot doesn't like soda and gave the saddest puppy dog face in the world. Okay fine. I pick her up and go back down the flight of stairs, in search for a non-carbonated drink. We spot an Icee machine and she lights up. So we wait in the long line only to find out the machine is broken. Ugh. We walked around nearly the entire stadium before we found another Icee machine. This line was equally as long and we miss nearly 20 minutes of action before we got back to our seats. All of this for an Icee. All of this for my big girl.

The things we do for our kids.

But I wasn't mad or annoyed for having to get Elliot a separate drink. Or for driving in sh*tty traffic. Or for paying a ridiculous amount for parking. Their happiness made it worthwhile. I did it out of love. Love for my family, even though they drive me absolutely crazy. Unconditional love.

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  1. One Thu We !!! said... May 23, 2019 at 3:45 PM

    I loved reading this...For the love of our children. So true. Fighting over not trying to fight. Epic.

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