Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Rec soccer is over... forever

Only two of the kids are his original teammates, far short from the eight player roster.

This is a picture of Jacob's "team" after his last game. The reason for quotes is because this really isn't his team. In his league, each team has eight players but his started with one short. Of those seven kids, Jacob and the coach's son are the only ones who consistently showed up. Being that it's recreational soccer, the families didn't take it seriously. I mean, I don't want crazy soccer parent serious but serious enough to show up for each game. Every game we would have to borrow players... random kids literally off the streets, younger siblings like Andrew, and even parents had to fill in. It was some patchwork bullsh*t. And we're paying for this??

No more rec soccer. But stopping soccer completely wasn't an option either. He loves the game too much. He gets bent out of shape from missing a game... a disorganized rec game... with random kids. So to keep soccer going, we had him try out for the competitive league and well, he made the team. Honestly, I don't think he's at that level but hopefully he'll prove me wrong.

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