Tuesday, August 4, 2020


"Free" 72 oz steak (Amarillo, TX)

What did I get myself into?
"Attention, everyone!"
Oh geez. Really?

That's what our waitress announced to everyone in the restaurant as I began my attempt at consuming this massive steak dinner within an hour. Not only did I have to eat the entire 72 oz steak but the baked potato, fried shrimp, side salad, and dinner roll.

Oh, and I had to eat this gigantic meal on stage in front of the entire restaurant.

People came up to look at the steak, give words of encouragement, take pictures... for that brief time on stage, I felt like a (B-list) celebrity with all of the attention.

Did I truly think I could finish it? I gave myself a 50/50 chance. But I knew I was doomed with that first cut into the steak. Either the knife was dull or the meat was of low quality or both, it was a struggle. And on top of being super thick and really big, that steak was so chewy!

With 15 minutes left, I threw in the towel. I ended up eating more than half of the steak (none of the sides) but couldn't bare to eat anymore. I'm pretty sure I could've jammed more food into my stomach but my jaw couldn't handle any more chewing... it was exhausting.

This was a challenge I've always wanted to do, ever since my pharmacy school days in Amarillo back in 2000. Twenty years later, I got to try... and fail. But hey, I had enough leftover steak to feed the whole family.

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