Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Fishing house (Surfside, TX)

My dad rented a fishing house for all of us, in what seems to becoming an annual tradition. He liked the idea after I had booked a fishing house for his 70th birthday last year. Overall, it was a good time for the grandparents and the grandkids. As for me, well... I don't really enjoy fishing. But I know, it's not always about me.

Initially, it didn't look too good. Hurricane Delta was scheduled to make landfall during the same weekend... but where? Luckily it stayed to the east of us but we still got a bit of flooding from the storm surge. As the water was creeping up, I couldn't shake off the flashback of Hurricane Harvey. The last thing I needed was for our car to flood. I decided to bail (better safe than sorry) and came back the following day.

Close call with Hurricane Delta.

Saturday was all clear. Of all the kids, Andrew loves fishing the most. He and my dad would be out there all day if they could. 

Jacob with the first catch of the trip.

Elliot likes fishing too.

Andrew caught a flounder and a sting ray, among other fish.

The big boys.

We also caught a lot of crab too.

My dad even took out his boat to take everyone for a quick ride. The amount of time it took to get the boat from storage, launch it, take it back and clean it, was longer than the actual boat ride. There were so many hiccups. First, the boat trailer detached from my dad's truck mid-drive, which took over an hour to fix. Second, there was an issue of launching the boat into the water. Third, we were getting eaten alive by giant swarms of mosquitoes at the boat storage.

Tyson, the co-captain.

Going faster...

But Jacob would soon feel the effects of sea sickness.

Sun going down with the bridge to Surfside in the foreground.

But my dad didn't care. He didn't get flustered or mad... still smiling during all the chaos. Anything for his grandkids. 

Dead mosquitoes... and that's only one hand.

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