Monday, October 10, 2011


Sad weekend in sports

And I'm not talking about the death of Al Davis. Well I guess it is sad for those people who remember him for the good things he did for the NFL but that was beyond my time. The Al Davis I know is the one responsible for the hiring and eventual firing of Lance Lane Kiffin and drafting LaMarcus Russel. Both were monumental flops. The passing of Steve Jobs was more sad as he was more of a pioneer in my eyes, and I don't even like or own any Apple products.

"I should stop using Jergens lotion on my hands during the games."

The sad weekend began with the Red River Rivalry, UT vs OU. It wasn't even close. Oklahoma's defense scored more points than Texas. If there was a mercy rule, this game would have been a perfect opportunity to enforce such a rule. I couldn't wait until the game ended. Final score, 55-17.

"Get off me loser!"

Texans vs Raiders. Another miserable game. During the entire game (and pre- and post-game) there was constant talk of Al Davis. I hate to be heartless but enough already. The Texans made so many mistakes in the game yet they managed to keep it close to the very end... but of course they found a way to lose. I was hopeful in the beginning of the season but with Andre Johnson still out and Mario Williams done for the season, it's looking bleak. I predict a mediocre finish of 8-8. Let's hope that I'm not right.

"How are we losing to this sorry team?! F***ccckkkk!!"

Seahawks vs Giants. Why should this game even matter? Because I lost in my survival football league! This was supposed to be a lock. Seahawks were 10 point dogs. This was a west coast team playing in the east coast. The Seahawks were 1-3 and their QB is Tarvis Jackson. Come on! Yet the Giants (in Texans-fashion) found a way to lose in the very end. Over 70% of Yahoo members who picked them feel the same way as I do.

And as I am writing this, I am currently losing in all three of my fantasy leagues. With only one game left, Monday Night Football, it doesn't look good. This is the weekend of losers.

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