Sunday, October 2, 2011


Coffee and cars, and cowboys

Well it was actually cowboys and Indians but that would have messed up the "C" pattern of the title. With the much improved weather (70s-low 80s), I decided to take the boys, sans baby, to Coffee and Cars on Saturday morning. The drive is such a deterrent (80 miles round trip) but I figured it would be a good opportunity to take photos (something I'd like to get back into), the boys could look at their favorite cars, and I could get my favorite carrot cupcake at Treat Cupcakes.

The license plate reads "GED". Was that his highest level of education?

Lamborghini Aventador. $407,695. A drop in the bucket.

Laughing hysterically.

The only way I could get a picture of myself with the boys.

In the end, they were more interested in playing around the water fountain.

Later that day we went to Justin's first birthday party at Clear Lake park. The theme was cowboys and Indians. Another good photo opportunity.

Justin's thinking "What's wrong with my daddy?"

The ultimate juxtaposition.
My cowboys going crazy... again.

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