Friday, September 30, 2011


McD's English pub burger

I am a sucker for new things, especially if it's only available for a limited time. Something about the phrase "limited time offer" always get me. My response to that is "I must get it." So when I saw a giant billboard for McDonald's new English Pub Burger, I knew I had to try it, even though McD's is the last place I would go for a burger.

This burger consists of Angus beef, bacon, two different cheeses, grilled onions, some kind of mustard sauce, steak sauce?, all on a fancy looking bun. Uh, I guess it's okay but it had way too much crap in it, too many different flavors.

From what I've read, Houston is a test market for this new burger. So if it does well, it might stick around. But I'm guessing it won't, at least it shouldn't. My prediction is that this burger will disappear with the likes of the Arch Deluxe and McDLT. I wouldn't mind the McDLT getting resurrected from the dead, that was an awesome idea. Keeping the lettuce and tomato separate from the warm cooked beef patty... brilliant. Bring back the dual chamber styrofoam packaging. Who cares about the environmental impact when you can have your veggies kept cool until you're ready to eat it.*

Greatest idea EVER.

But the ultimate McD's limited time offer, which also has a cult following, has to be the McRib. What is it with this sandwich that gets people going ape shit? Is it the tangy BBQ sauce? Is it because the meat patty is shaped with faux ribs? Is it because it's only offered for a limited time? It's probably a combination of all of those reasons and I too am a sucker for the McRib. It's not even that great of a sandwich and my GI system will get punished for consuming such questionable meat. But the fact that it will disappear and I can no longer have it, forces me to get it while I can. Telling me that I can't have something makes me want it even more. Funny how psychological shit works on me. It sucks.

The McRib has mystical powers to lure you into eating it.

*Just kidding. I do care about the environment and recycle like crazy. Just ignore the fact that I own a gas guzzling SUV.

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