Monday, September 12, 2011


Weekend of anniversaries

First the happy stuff. On September 10, 2011, Tyson turned one month old. Usually it's nothing monumental but knowing that this is most likely our last child (unless there's another accident), I wanted to do a little something for baby. Nothing big. I just made boxed brownies. Not like baby could eat it but it was more for everyone else. Well Tyson was getting some brownies indirectly via breast milk when Lynn consumed some. I wonder if he can tell. I wonder if the milk is sweeter. Wait, why am I so obsessed with breast milk?

Looks like someone is mesmerized by the flame.

On to the sad stuff. September 10th also marks one year since my grandma passed. I still miss her. My only regret is not picking her brain as she was an awesome baker. But dammit, my Vietnamese is horrible and I could never hold a decent conversation with any Vietnamese adult so I shamefully avoid such situations. That night we had a family get together at my uncle's house and it was good to see everyone. The only thing missing was grandma's raisin cupcakes for dessert.

Our last picture with grandma. Chinese New Year 2008.

September 11, 2011 was the 10th year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. The question everyone asks is, "Where were you during 9/11?" I was in Amarillo attending my second year of pharmacy school. I was at my then girlfriend's apartment listening to the radio when they mentioned a plane had crashed into one of the towers of the World Trader Center. I then turned on the TV to see fire and smoke coming from the building. My first thought was that it was a drunk or non-experienced pilot that crashed into the tower. What an idiot! Then it was off to school where every student had a laptop in front of him/her (it was a mandatory equipment). Word quickly spread that another plane had struck the other tower and now the US is beginning attacked. Everyone had CNN's website opened and I guarantee you no one was listening to the lecture being conducted. I felt rage. Let's go kick some ass! But who? Where? Why? The rest of the day was spent in front of the TV, learning new information as it slowly trickles in and watching the same horrific scenes being played over and over. It felt surreal.

Man that was depressing to write. On a lighter note, check out my earlier post Labor Day weekend and scroll down to the comments section. I posted video links of Mike's jump and the funny aftermath.

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  1. Jon Tran said... September 20, 2011 at 10:25 PM

    I miss her banh choux. Professionally done versions feel too bakery-ish, I miss the almost spongey, homemade quality hers had. I've caught myself more actively trying to speak more Vietnamese here and there with my parents since she's passed...all in all she's in a better place.

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