Monday, January 2, 2012


New Year's resolutions

Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012. It's a new year. A clean slate. And that also means it's time for the obligatory New Year's resolutions. I try not to confuse goals and resolutions as I think resolutions have no absolute end, unlike goals (e.g. lose 5 pounds). So here are my 2012 resolutions.

1. Patience with the kids. If my life was a video game, you would see a patience meter, similar to a life meter, and it would vary from low to high depending on how they are and how my mood is at that point in time. For example, if I just got home from a crazy day at work and was starving, my patience meter would be dangerously low. If the kids acted up, I would probably start yelling. But if it's the weekend and I had 8 hours of sleep, they could probably get away with more. So my goal is to always keep my "patience meter" high, regardless of how my day might have gone.

2. Keep in shape. My goal is to work out at least three times a week (if not more). This one I really want to try hard to keep. As I sit here writing this, both of my hamstrings are shot, after playing football for the second time in a week. My mind was telling me yes but my body, my body was telling me no. Sounds like an R. Kelly song. It was sad, pathetic and quite depressing. And there's also another fat loss bet in the works so money is another motivator. My goal is to get to 10% body fat or less.

I'll just stick with two resolutions for now. No sense in having more since that would only increase my chance for failure. If I could, I would add learn a new skill, work on a project and/or keeping the house clean. Maybe I should add the last one but you have to make sacrifices some where right?

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