Sunday, April 15, 2012


Flu during springtime?

This whole week has been yuck. It all began Tuesday when my body ached for no good reason and I found myself tiring easily. I left work early that day and took a long nap. I woke up feeling fine so I thought maybe it was due to a lack of sleep. The next day I went tried to run but my body was not having it. My whole torso cramped up and shut down. My body was screaming, "Stop running you idiot!" So I obeyed. The next day I developed a low grade fever. My throat started to hurt. I got goosebumps while taking a hot shower and had crazy chills at night. I was wearing my hoodie and wrapped up in a down comforter but I could not stop shivering. Uh oh. But this can't be the flu. It's not that bad. I wasn't coughing and didn't have any sinus related symptoms. And it's April... flu season is over. But dammit, those symptoms lasted longer than a typical cold. Friday came and I had yet to recover so I took that day off to rest. Now it's Sunday and I think I'm okay. I'm tired but then again, I'm always tired at this time of day.

Sickness will not keep me away from my favorite baby.

Based on my symptoms, I think I had to flu... possibly a mild case, if there's such a thing. Either my body's awesome immune system (due to being super fit) fought off the flu to make it less severe or the opposite, I'm so weak that a cold virus lingered for almost a whole week. I would like to think the former.

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