Thursday, February 12, 2015


My boys' birthdays

Initially I was going to write about Jacob's birthday, which was a few days ago, but then I realized that I totally forgot about Andrew's birthday. Andrew always gets (unintentionally) forgotten. It didn't help that his birthday was sandwiched between Christmas and the day we needed to leave for our week long road trip. It was absolute chaos during that time but we did manage to make some time for his special day. (Yes, this post is late but better late than never.)

For Andrew's birthday (7), we let him decide on what he wanted to do and he chose a place that we've visited a thousand times... the Houston Zoo. So we hung out at Hermann Park, messed around with the pigeons, played catch, walked around the zoo and finished with a pizza lunch at Candelari's. His birthday celebration couldn't last all day because we had to get ready for the suddenly impromptu road trip.

Traditional morning birthday donut.

Feeding the pigeons.

Then scaring them.

Pigeons at Hermann Park.

Hanging out at the zoo.

With his grandmothers at Candelari's.

The boys with their cousins.

As for Jacob's birthday (9), we took him out bowling at Main Event. I think he's only bowled once in his life but that didn't stop him from beating me. But then again, he had the lane bumpers up and was using a lighter ball. It was beginner's luck! Sour grapes, I know. Just kidding. It was fun to compete and talk "trash" to Jacob.

Jacob dominating the competition.

I couldn't even break a hundred.

Bowling at Main Event.

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