Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Valentine's weekend

Valentine's Day landed on Saturday so I took my love out for brunch because going out for dinner on that day is for suckers (or for people who made reservations weeks in advance, i.e. not me). We went to Weights + Measures, a new restaurant/bake shop/bar in Midtown. Eventually I'll post something about our visit at The Forgetful Eater but to sum it up, it was good. Donuts and chicken is the new chicken and waffles.

Brunch at Weights + Measures.
On Sunday morning, a bunch of us got together and played kickball (instead of the usual flag football) and hilarity ensued. Below are a few clips taken by Jimmie.

Later that night we went to my aunt's house for an early Tet (Lunar New Year) celebration since cousin David was in town. Just like last year, I was not in the gambling mood. What's wrong with me? I have Asian blood flowing through me and all Asians love to gamble! It's a known fact. We'll see if that changes this coming week.

My dinner: banh cuon and pizza.

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