Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Soccer ends and bad eating begins

Last weekend marked the end of another soccer season. Andrew's team did a complete 180 from last season, primarily due to losing some weak links and gaining a few stronger players. And we actually had a dad willing to coach (last season we had a teenager "coaching"). That made it much more enjoyable/bearable to watch. As for Tyson's team, it's just pure joy to watch... whether they're winning or getting crushed. Those tiny kids are hilarious.

Andrew chases down the ball, steals it, and shoots. (Google animation)

U10 Orange Team Spring 2017

U5 Purple Team Spring 2017

And my diet went to shit on this busy Saturday. We brought celebratory donuts in the morning for the team. I mean, I could've not eaten them but who can say no to a donut? Then after the soccer games, we had a kid's birthday party to attend. Given the options available, I couldn't avoid carbs if I wanted to... I had to eat, I was starving. Oh, and the dessert table... oh my. After that party we went to another kid's birthday party, or more like we dropped off Jacob, and the rest of us went to get some good dessert since it was really close (but far from home) so we had to get some (chè). And like a bad drug binge, I continued on this downward spiral and ate all the crap I've been avoiding, like cereal (another weakness). Consequently, I gained 5 pounds in less than 24 hours. There goes my weight cut... dammit.

Those donuts aren't for you, Elliot.


Tyson opted for ice cream instead but Missy Elliot had to have some too.

Elliot finally eating something better, albeit still sweet.

Bonus footage: My baby girl loves to dance! She's gotta burn off that sugar somehow.

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