Tuesday, March 17, 2020


"Spring" break trip (Leadville, CO)

It's been only three months since our last trip to Colorado but I just can't get enough. This trip had us back in Leadville, making it the third year in a row we came for Spring Break. This vacation had some hiccups along the way and potential for disaster. On the first day we arrived, we suffered crazy altitude sickness (hiccup #2 - see below for the first one). My head felt like it was going to explode! Weird because I never had this issue before. But we quickly recovered and overall it was a good trip.

Lunch at In-N-Out Burger (Waco, TX).

Up close to a blade of a wind turbine (Henrietta, TX).

Overnight stay in Amarillo but the hotel gave us an unfinished room, which was the last double bed room. (hiccup #1)

Fueled by Palace Coffee (Amarillo, TX).

Currently locked outside the house and the owner didn't have a spare key (hiccup #3). So we built a snowman.

Exploring Leadville on foot.

Grapefruit IPA at Periodic Brewing (Pb). Pb = lead. We're in Leadville. Clever.

Best pizza in town (High Mountain Pies).

Shopping at Melanzana, where everything is locally made.

The boys and Lynn went tubing (Copper Mountain).

While Elliot and I played in Critterland.

I thoroughly enjoyed our one-on-one time. Hot chocolate and reciting Lizzo. ❤

The whole mountain to myself (Ski Cooper).

First time ever that I got to snowboard with one of my kiddos (Andrew).

Elliot loves to eat snow.

It's time to leave and it's snowing!

So willing to help.

Family picture before we head home. Oh, Elliot.

Exploring this tiny town with hipster vibe.

Lunch at Amicas Pizza (Salida, CO)

Ice cream at Howl Mercantile (Salida, CO). That bedhead though!

Beautiful scenery on the drive home.

What's become a traditional picture by the Arkansas River in the middle of nowhere (Cotopaxi, CO).

Lunch at Pho House (Fort Worth, TX).

Pit stop for sweets at Slovacek's (West, TX).

One last attempt (out of many stops on the way home) for toilet paper since we were already low before leaving on our trip (hiccup #4, 5, 6...)

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