Tuesday, August 17, 2021


National parks trip II (Colorado)

We spent a week in Colorado to continue our National Parks journey (and to also vacation in my favorite state not named Texas) but this trip was rough. I'm usually okay with long road trips (we've already went on seven road trips to CO) but maybe I overextended myself this time around. In the beginning, it definitely didn't feel like a vacation. It was exhausting. I might have to reconsider these long road trips... or at least not do two 2,000+ mile trips in one year.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Elliot's face was fully protected from the sun's harmful rays. 😂

Short hike to the sand dunes.

Who's under there?

Boarding down the sand dunes. It was tough to get going... and exhausting to walk back up.

Family picture.

Sun setting after a long day of boarding and sledding down sand dunes.

On our way to spend a night in Alamosa, CO.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Our first hike began at the Glacier Gorge Trailhead.

The view!

Taking a break at Alberta Falls.

My big girl was such a trooper.

Lunch time along the creek.

Many Parks Curve.

Rainbow Curve.

Slow trek up Alpine Ridge Trail.

This "easy" trail was rough due to the many steps in high altitude.

We eventually made it... 12,000+ feet above sea level.

Ute Trail.

Bear Lake.

Nymph Lake.

Continuing on our hike with Nymph Lake in the distance.

Dream Lake.

Perfect scenery for a family photo.

Onto the next lake on this hike and Elliot was still going strong.

Emerald Lake.

Taking a breather before we head back.

Estes Park

Our home away from home.

The view from our balcony.

The kids relaxing outside after a long day.

Jacob and I at the Stanley Hotel for the nightly ghost tour.

We did the hedge maze in record time. (No, not really.)

Trying to summon a spirit to come play with us.

Pikes Peak

What a nerve-racking drive...

The road was steep with plenty of hairpin turns.

We made it to the top.

The view was incredible.

Now I have to drive back down... 😩

The brakes were overheating coming down so we had to make a pitstop (along with many others). 

And the food we ate...

Mudslide at Haley's Ice Cream (Estes Park, CO)

Chicken Alfredo (Tyson's birthday meal) at Sweet Basilico (Estes Park, CO)

Variety of donuts at Donut Haus (Estes Park, CO)

Vietnamese food (with a twist) at Pho Haus (Denver, CO)

Pizza, beer, and donuts under one roof at Hops & Pie (Denver, CO)

Handheld apple pie at Colorado Cherry Co. (Denver, CO)

Sushi roll at Bangkok Tokyo (Amarillo, TX)

Now I need a vacation after this vacation... 😑

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