Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Dinner (no kids invited)

I've missed going out to eat... like really going out to eat, i.e. "fancy" dinners. We used to dine out frequently (sans kids) but that came to a halt when Elliot came into our lives. Not counting the Mother's Day dinner this year, the last time we ate at a really nice restaurant was a month before Elliot's arrival... six years ago! But when she was old enough to be left at home with her brothers (or other family), the pandemic hit. 

Now that things are essentially back to normal, we're back at it. Saturday night we went out to Eddie V's to celebrate my brother-in-law Dat's birthday.

The family.

Me and my date.

But first, drinks.

My plate: truffled mac and cheese, au gratin cheddar potatoes, crab fried rice, truffled mashed potatoes, and a side of steak

Her dessert was literally on fire (bananas foster butter cake). 

Happy birthday Dat!

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