Tuesday, August 3, 2021


Young adults

Left to their own devices.
My two big boys are much older and responsible now. They're becoming young adults and now is the time to treat them as such.

They each got their own credit card.

So with that, we went to the mall for some "back to school" shopping and the boys ventured on their own. Jacob had even called before making his first purchase... which was totally not necessary. We just told them to use good judgement. And to keep the receipt just in case we need to return any purchase, i.e. used bad judgement. 😅

After a couple hours at the mall, Jacob had bought a shirt from H&M. Andrew and Tyson came home empty handed but did each get a drink (boba milk tea) from the food court.

They got to shop for themselves as opposed to us parents buying their clothes. They got to experience the transaction of using a credit card for the first time. They got to look after their younger bother (Tyson) and took care of him (bought him an expensive bottled water when he was dying of thirst). 

They're becoming young adults.

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