Thursday, March 24, 2011


Cheaters never prosper

Well we didn't really cheat, but our team consisted of a couple of ringers. My boys occasionally play Mario Kart Wii, only when they're well behaved, and we limit it to four races. So normally they both play on the same team but always lose either because of Andrew's low score, they picked hard tracks, or the computer just dominated them. When they're done, you would hear "blue team lost again" and "we never win." It's quite sad. So this time around, Lynn and I joined in on the fun and I was thinking this will be an automatic win. The difficulty was set to easiest and we were playing all the easier tracks, i.e. The Mushroom Cup. In the end, the best that we could manage was a tie. How sad is that? At least we didn't lose. :(

What's amazing was that Jacob outscored me! I was no ringer, Jacob was. And Andrew, barely 3 years old, held his own. Our computer teammates were the weak links... stupid Waluigi, you're barely a character. My boys are wasting their talents and skills on Mario Kart. I need to get them doing something more beneficial... but what?

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