Sunday, March 20, 2011


I no longer look like a nerd... wait.

A couple weeks ago I broke my eye frames and had to make due by taping them. So during that time, I looked like the stereotypical nerd you might see on TV. Normally I wouldn't care what people think but I was a little self conscience. Maybe it's because I have to present myself a certain way at work. What would you think if you saw a professional in business attire wearing frames with tape on it? It didn't help that I used tan colored masking tape on black frames.

This week my new frames came in so looking like a nerd is over, well not really. I go from looking like a nerd from Saved by the Bell to looking like Paul Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years. The difference here is that it's intentional. It's comfortable, fits on my big head, and doesn't slide off when I bend down like my previous frames. The best part was the price.

"I have a great sense of style."

It got my frames from Warby Parker. All frames on their site are $95. That includes the prescription lens and shipping, all tax-free! You can try up to five frames which are shipped to your house free of charge but you have to put down your credit card info, which is understandable. Top notch service.

10% off coupon code: NoSleepAtWP (expires 3/31/11)

Man, I sound like a commercial. I hope someone from Warby Parker reads this and sends me some free frames for the endorsement. I also love Ferrari, Omega, and Chick-fil-A.

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