Thursday, July 7, 2011


The value of money

Initially to reward the boys for whatever the reason (sleeping by themselves, eating their entire meal by themselves without having to be constantly reminded, brotherly help, sharing toys, no whining for the entire day, etc.) I used reward calendars from Chuck E Cheese. If they did any of the previously mentioned good deed, then they would get a sticker to put on an empty day and once they completed their calendar, their reward was a trip to Chuck E Cheese. Initially, it took them quite a while to complete a calendar but then they literally got a sticker everyday. It got too easy for them. So easy in fact I still owe them a trip to Chuck E Cheese (but I don't think they remember). I needed another reward system.

The newest reward system is money. Typically they will get 5 cents for doing anything good. They have accumulated quite a lot of coinage so lately instead of buying them something at the store, I would ask if they would like to buy it themselves with the money from their piggy bank. Initially Jacob was stingy with his money but soon he was a big spender like Andrew. Yesterday, Jacob and Andrew used up every last cent of their savings on a Hot Wheels Lamborghini Murcielago and the Cars 2 rally car Raoul Caroule, respectively. Now they are completely broke. Let's see how long it will take for them to save up to buy anything else.

Jacob's purchases:

$1 used book

$1 used book

$1 Ford GT

$2 Lamborghini Murcielago

Andrew's purchases:

$1 Ford Mustang

$3 Cars 2 rally car

P.S. Look at the first picture at the top. Can you guess which piggy bank belongs to who?

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