Monday, February 20, 2012


President's Day

What is President's Day? Besides a day off for students and some government employees, I have no idea what this day is about. Being that I love to expand my knowledge (and not wanting to look like a fool if/when my kids ever ask me), I wiki'ed it. Apparently this holiday is in honor of George Washington's birthday. I never knew that. Add that to my encyclopedia of semi-useless knowledge.

This is not a typical holiday I would get off but since I worked last weekend (a rarity), I took this day off. Ever since Valentine's Day a.k.a. "Andrew and Papa Day", I wanted to do something for Jacob since he missed out on all the fun. I felt bad when Andrew mentioned something he did that day to Jacob, almost rubbing it in his face. So on the days leading up to this, I asked him what he wanted to do and he chose the zoo.

We invited Julie, Lynn's sister, so I had all my "sons" with me (3 sons + 2 godsons). It was really busy but it's expected since everyone had the day off from school. The weather was nice, fairly cool (60s), with the sun coming out intermittently. Everyone got to see their favorite animals. (We made sure of that.) We spent nearly five hours at the Houston Zoo and Hermann Park and no one wanted to kill each other by the end of the visit. The kids were all on their best behavior. I was quite pleased... and shocked. Although it was tiring at the end, it was a really fun day for everyone.

Where to first?

Baby Ty when we initially arrived at the zoo. (Don't worry, he would soon warm up.)

Inappropriately dressed for the zoo.

Eating lunch with my boys.

Feeding the giraffes.

Animal porn for the people.

The most depressed primate ever. Someone give him some Prozac.

The group minus baby Ty and me. (Someone has to take the picture.)

The main photographer (and his 15 lbs of extra weight).

I told you he would warm up.

More pictures are posted in my Photo Album.

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