Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I'm no longer 21

Slowly but surely, I'm getting older and my body is just not the same as it was ten years ago. Duh right? And yes I know, I'm still "young" but I only hear that from older people. This past weekend definitely showed my true age. (The picture on the left is of one of my newly sprouted grey hairs.)

The first sign of my true age was on Saturday morning when I played softball with some friends. Playing was not that bad (besides the dreadful summer heat) but the days following I was actually sore. If you really break it down, there's very little physical exertion in underhand pitch softball. Pathetic.

After the game, I got a few cookies. I couldn't resist.

That night I went to my former co-worker Henry's wedding where they had the obligatory bottle of liquor at our table (Asian wedding). We ended up with three bottles by the end of the reception and with that much drinking, I was extra happy. We left and I went over to my friend John's place to continue the party. It was nice to be out and catch up with friends... all kid-less. But my fun soon ended when we got home. The second sign of my true age was when I was unable to hold my liquor. Everything I ate that night ended up either on someone's lawn or down the drain. Pathetic.

"It's not going to work out Remy. I'm too old for you."

Sunday was truly a lazy day. I took two naps throughout the day and did absolutely nothing except play with Tyson... and recover from the previous night. Pathetic.

Sunday night eating froyo with the kiddos. This is more of a typical night out.

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