Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Tyson goes out to eat a lot

Or maybe Lynn and I go out to eat a lot. But when compared with the other two boys when they were babies, we never/rarely went out to eat. Jacob was crazy difficult. He would not last long before crying to get out of his seat. A typical night out would consist of Lynn sacrificing herself to hold a fussy baby Jacob as I would inhale my food so that I could relieve her. If I'm paying $10-20 for my food, I want to savor it and not eat as if I'm in a contest with Kobayashi. With Andrew, he wasn't a difficult baby but Jacob was still young and hard to manage. Now that the two boys are older and self-sufficient, we tend to go out to eat more often since Tyson is the calmest baby in the world in regards to eating out.

Here are a few pictures of the places we've been in the past month or so... all taken with my awful cell phone. I applied Instagram-like effects to hide the poor picture quality. Someone needs to invent a DSLR smart phone tablet. That would be the ultimate all-in-one device.

Mission Burrito
Tyson staring at Mission's new "tasty tacos". It was okay, nothing special. I still prefer Torchy's Tacos over this. But if I want a good burrito, this is the place to go.

Donut Heaven and Grill
Tyson is happy because he knows he's in for some good eats. Besides serving the obvious donuts, they also make good burgers. The burger to get is the Ole Burger, which is smothered with queso and served on their kolache-like buns.

Local Foods
Tyson experiencing good, fresh, local food. The crispy chicken sandwich was excellent, along with everything else, but the pretzel bun had to be my favorite part of the meal.

Ruggles Cafe Bakery
This is one of my favorite places to eat and Tyson thoroughly enjoys eating here as well. I get the Blue Cheese Burger every time (yes, I'm boring) but I really the bun it's served on. After eating your meal, go back up to the counter and get a dessert from their wide selection of goodies. This place never disappoints.

Chuck E Cheese
Here's Tyson eating at the infamous Pearland location, where a child was left overnight. How does a parent forget a kid... and overnight nonetheless? He was glad we didn't forget about him, as chaotic as it was.

La Madeleine
We actually went twice in a span of a month. It feels healthier than woofing down burgers and fries, but I'm sure it's not considered "healthy". But it definitely doesn't make me feel like shit afterwards. I love the tomato basil pesto pasta salad as a side.

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