Monday, July 30, 2012


Say "Cheeeeeese!"

"Say cheese" is the common phrase you hear adults blurt out to kids in order to get them to smile at the camera, or at the very least to look in that direction. Tyson, being so accustomed to hearing that phrase, will automatically give you a big smile when you say "cheese", regardless of whether there's a camera or not. It's quite Pavlovian. I wonder at times if he could even control himself, i.e. to not smile if he heard the word "cheese". Just to be on the safe side, I tell the two older boys not to overdo it because knowing them, they would never stop making him smile.

We were just going crazy with baby Ty and "cheese". It was quite appropriate as all of these pictures were taken at Star Pizza this weekend. Get it? Cheese. Pizza. Eh? Lame, I know. :(

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