Saturday, November 8, 2014


Donut bike ride

The name of this race has changed so much I just call it the donut ride. Originally it was called Tour de Donut but then it changed to The Donut Rally. And now it's called The Breakfast Bash Bicycle Rally. Whatever, it's still the same. It's a 28 mile bike ride that involves donuts, where each one consumed shaves 5 minutes off of your time. And it's not any ol' donut... it's Shipley's!

But this year I had to play it smart. I opted not to stuff my face with the sweet, fried doughy goodness. The last time we did this race, I ate four donuts (which didn't seem like a lot at the time) and felt like total crap afterwards. My intention was to avoid the donuts altogether in this race but ended up eating one at each rest stop (2). Who can really resist Shipley's donuts?

This was the only group shot I got and it's not even the whole group (missing two guys). This picture was taken at the start of the race but Thu's race number was flying away somewhere so he was chasing that down. So I was going to get a group picture at our first stop. But no, Steve's tire blew out twice before getting there. He was done for the day. Donson got separated from the group and went on the longer route. Felix got a flat towards the end of the ride. Mishaps after mishaps. But it was still fun nonetheless.

My time sucked. That straight eight mile stretch running west to east was killer. My thighs were on fire riding into that crazy wind. It's so disconcerting to pedal so hard yet go so slow. Next time I'll eat more donuts to make up for my crappy time.

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