Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Muscle ups!!!!!

After completing the best bet I ever made, I needed a follow up fitness bet. I needed another challenge. And that's where cousin Jon (aka Zinc) comes in. The first person to do five muscle ups wins. The winner gets a "free" steak dinner at Killen's, arguably one of the best steakhouses in the Houston area. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Just doing one muscle up is damn near impossible. Some people have trouble doing regular pull ups so just imagine how difficult a muscle up is to do.

But after over a year or so, I did it. I won. Honestly, I don't think Zinc trained for it but neither did I. There's no pull up bar around my house to practice. In this video, I took Andrew with me to the closest park with a pull up bar and had him record me (for proof). It was ugly though. My right thigh cramped up (really weird) on the third rep. And on the last one, I got over the bar one arm at a time (poor technique). But it's done, I did it.

Now for my next feat... running my fastest mile.

Special thanks to my videographer, Andrew.

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