Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Anniversary day

Last Saturday Lynn and I celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary. Initially I had made reservations for Vic & Anthony's steakhouse (my favorite place for steak). But then I thought, we don't need to be all fancy and high class. How about we spend the same amount of money that we would've spent on dinner and stuff our faces with equally good food from our favorite places around Houston. And that's exactly what we did.

Our first stop was brunch at Max's Wine Dive. She had the breakfast egg sandwich and I got the donuts and wings. It was pretty damn good.

Fried goodness.

Then we got coffee at Blacksmith, arguably one of the best coffee spots in Houston.

Barista making our drinks.

We then stopped at Common Bond bakery for dessert but damn, the line was out the door. No thanks. So we went to the next best thing, Central Market. I love this place. We got a cake (for dessert) and beer (for me).

Enjoying that beer and the great weather.

For dinner, we ate at The Original Ninfa's on Navigation. It was jammed pack. No need for a prime ribeye steak. Steak fajitas will do.

Afterwards, we burned off some of those excessive calories by strolling around Discovery Green and seeing Field of Light, an art instillation by Bruce Munro. It was a crisp, cool night.

Out of curiosity, I did a price comparison of the two different anniversary plans.

Plan A - Vic & Anthony's
Crab cake $20
Prime ribeye steak $48
Filet mignon $49
Mashed potatoes $9
Creamed corn $10
(dessert) $10
Tax $12
Tip $30
Total = $168

Plan B - Random good eats
Max's Wine Dive (brunch + tax + tip) $38
Blacksmith (coffee + tip) $12
Central Market (dessert and beer) $31
Ninfa's (dinner + tax + tip) $42
Total = $123

Hmmm, that's quite a difference. I rather stuff my face with good (affordable) food all day long than to have one really good (expensive) meal. This might be the end of the high-end steak dinners.

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