Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Happy Lunar New Year

A new year and new blog. This is the year of the rabbit or if you're Vietnamese, the cat. Eh. I'll stick with the rabbit since I don't want our third child to be a cat. I'm not a cat person.

Last Saturday we had a family get-together on my side of the family. It started out with our third family football game of the season. Sad to say that my team lost once again. We lack organization. "Just get open" and "cover someone" doesn't cut it. It was still fun though. Afterward it was time for some gambling. Some stacks, LCR dice game, and a newly created tournament style, rotating dealing game which the dealer can choose whatever game he wants. It kept it interesting and you had to be versatile in all the games. I miss family gambling.

an intense game of LCR.

Most memorable moment was when the pencil test was done... on everyone! At that point, everyone who already had kids, the pencil correctly told the pregnancy history. To really test its accuracy, it was tried on my aunt who has nine kids. The pencil predicted each child, by gender, all in order. Now that was a goosebumps moment.

the pencil predicts the third child to be a girl. we'll find out soon enough.

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